Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuned Up and Turned On!

Spent the day writing a hot chapter as my alter ego. I love writing sexy scenes, picturing the scenario in my mind and creating new ways for my characters to please each other. It gets my blood pumping for the rest of the day. Hopefully tomorrow I can put down another few thousand words. I just love when a story flows so freely.

This week has been difficult in my household. I guess the stress helps the creative juices flow. Sad situations make me want to create happy and pleasurable fantasies. And create I did. Now, if I could come up with a new hot story for the men's line.

Listening to the news helps. The more I hear about our government trying to control what goes on in our bedrooms, the more I want to write dirty. I mean REALLY dirty. I can do that! All I need is a plot. A steamy plot where two people get what they want without all the complications. I can do this. I can, I just want a unique plot that men will want to read.

Any suggestions would be great.

Okay, back to writing.

Ya'll have a great day and do something naughty just for fun.

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